You Know I'm Right Show

Sunny Lohmann hosts a politics and comedy mash-up with an irreverent, if sunny, take on the world. Is she Right or Left, Right or Wrong? You be the judge.

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EXPLICIT! The NSA, PRISM, Baby Arms, Mall Shooters, & Worse!

Updated a long time ago.

Big Fur Hat of is back! And with him, the show sinks to lows not heard of since Gerard Depardieu boarded that plane after two blocks of brie and a bottle of mid-rate Bordeaux. Seriously though, this show hits some ribald bumps and raunchy valleys not fit for the faint of heart or thin-skinned. If you don't read this warning and then listen anyway and are offended, listen again and select which ever insult you wish as our apology. There is some funny politics type stuff in the mix as well, we had to give the boys at the NSA something to do! Never fear, the return of run-of-the-mill fart jokes on the next show!