Battery + Storage Podcast

Troutman Pepper energy partner Bill Derasmo talks with battery and storage experts from across the industry. The podcast shares the unique perspectives of industry veterans and thought leaders, exploring how they are deploying this new and exciting technology.

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Episode VI: Impacts of COVID-19 on Battery and Storage Project Deployment and Financing

Updated 8 months ago.

In Episode 6 of the Battery + Storage Podcast co-host Cliff Sikora provides an overview of reported trends regarding on-the-ground impacts of COVID-19 on battery and storage project deployment and financing. The podcast focuses on the Energy Storage Association (“ESA”) member survey about COVID-19 impacts published during the week of April 19,2020. The podcast highlights the survey’s results, and cites other data, regarding: (a) work force issues; (b) supply chain choke points (upstream and downstream); and (c) financial performance expectations for the storage sector. Regarding financial performance, the podcast reports on differences between: (1) in-the-pipe projects v. go-forward development decisions in near-term out-years; (2) hybrid projects (with renewables and storage) v. stand-alone-storage; and (3) observations of possible differences in investor perceptions between exchange traded equities and private equity.