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KWR # 200: Kettle Whistle Radio # 200

Updated about 1 year ago.

Our 200th Episode with David Fairhead, Shaun Feldbusch and guest host, Film Critic, Fiore Mastracci (of tv show Outtakes With Fiore, fame) talking the films, Lords Of Chaos, Battle Angel, Godzilla, The Unseen and Alien. Discussions on The Smiley Face Killers, Bohemian Rhapsody, KISS vs. KISS, Black Metal and why Norway is angry at Fiore! Music by: Frayle, Dragline, Redson, Front Line Assembly and of course #YARDPANTHER!

#Lordsofchaos #outtakeswithfiore @fairlydark #frayle @frayle_band #frontlineassembly