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How Committed Are You to Your Business Success?

Updated 5 months ago.

Sure, many entrepreneurs say they are committed to their success, but are they really?

When it comes to commitment to your success, there has to be a “no excuses - no exception” rule to back it up. This rule is especially true for entrepreneurs, simply because there is no one to point the finger at should things not work out as planned. As an entrepreneur, you are the one holding the key to your success and no one, but you, can be held accountable.

Once you make a commitment to something, there absolutely has to be a “no excuses - no exception” rule, because that is the only rule that separates the failures from the successes.
Imagine what would happen if you were to commit to your success only 99% of the time:

- 1% percent of your clients would be unhappy with your product or service and proceed to tell 10 of their friends. Those people would proceed to tell their friends they had a friend that had a bad experience. This could translate into dozens of lost clients and thousands in lost revenue.

- 1% of your printed marketing materials (or online marketing material) were published with spelling and grammar errors. This has a devastating effect on any business with a poor perception from the public and potential clients.

- 1% of the time you don’t answer your email from a prospective client within 24 hours. You respond a few days later, but learn they have taken their business to someone who responded promptly.

See how much of a difference there is between 99% and 100% commitment? Although 1% doesn’t sound like much, reaching 100% commitment at every opportunity is not always easy. The only way to truly hold a reputation for commitment is by consistently demonstrating 100% to each and every task. Once genuine commitment is displayed, your success is inevitable.

There are two rules when it comes to your success, and a sure-fire way to catapult your success, but they only work when you are 100% committed!

Rule #1: 100% Commitment to Achieving your Goals
There may be many opportunities for excuses and exceptions, but under no circumstance do you waver from what you truly desire. Ever.

What do you do if your life doesn’t support your goal achievement? In all honesty, there’s no easy way around it - some changes will have to be made. Sometimes those changes are easy, and other times they’re not, especially when there are others to consider. This is no more true when you have a spouse/significant other and/or children. After all, every action you take has the potential to affect them.

You may have to do some soul searching and find out if you can make changes that will allow you to commit to your goals, while doing the least amount of discomfort to those that will be directly affected. If you choose to commit to achieving your goals, do not settle for anything less.

Rule #2: 100% Commitment to Never Ending Improvement
The second key to your success, is committing to never ending improvement. You may be better than you were yesterday, but in no way are you better today than you will be tomorrow. Taking a humble approach to learning is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success. Use every action and reaction as an opportunity to learn how to do things better next time.

In addition, surround yourself with as many positive role models as you can. Watch, listen and learn from successful entrepreneurs that have gone before you; what you learn can result in huge shifts in your perception and life.

When you are facing obstacles or challenges, do not allow self-doubt, fear or frustration to sway your commitment. In fact, during these times, it is more important than ever to remind yourself why your goals are important to you. Reconnect with the emotions that are the driving force behind your goals and you’ll remember why you are taking the steps in the first place to make changes. Remember, your commitment to your success not only benefits you, but those around you, and the world as well.

You must embrace commitment to your goals along with never ending improvement if you wish to reach true success.

~ Peter F. Drucker said: “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.”

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