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Ep 158: ACAZ - All Cops Are Zombies

Updated 5 months ago.

Due to a big-business snafu we somehow managed to get RE2 early this week, so we're piping out our feelings on it before the officially, doctor-prescribed time.

There's some zombie talk this week, be it in Racoon City, on the Island of Memories, or just discussing how the characters in Steph's Persona 5 playthrough are doing.

We also shit-talk the Pinkertons this week, express our concern at a beer with Tom Green's face on it, and give a heartfelt shoutout to this past week's hbomberguy stream, which managed to raise over $300K for Mermaids, a charity that helps trans youth in UK. Trans rights are human rights y'all, and fuck the folks who think different.

Hosts: Chris Norris-Jones, Steph Fan, Kelly Wright

Beer of the Week: Tom Green Cherry Milk Stout

Music by Sebastian Bender