The Beanpot with Reimer & Clauss

"The official podcast of WTBU's award-winning "Beanpot with Reimer & Clauss," a talk show of underwhelming proportions. Join syndicated sports talk radio host Alex Reimer and news personality Kyle Clauss as they sweat the small stuff and discuss everything from Boston sports, to current events, to Kyle's misanthropy, to Alex's ongoing struggle with Boston University's dining hall staff. It's like a cup of black coffee for your soul. Tune in to "The Beanpot with Reimer & Clauss" Sundays, 10am-12pm, on WTBU: the Beat of Boston University."

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Victory Laps, Burger Draft, and the Return of John

Updated a long time ago.

The boys celebrate their third consecutive WTBU Award for Best Talk Show in three seasons. Determined not to let it go to their well-coiffed heads, they proceed to compare themselves to other great dynasties in history. Not to be outdone by last year2019s popular Beanpot Burrito Draft, the boys introduce the Beanpot Burger Draft. Bruins radio play-by-play announcer Dave Goucher talks about the state of the Bruins as they skid into the postseason, as well as his favorite disco tune. John the Sandwich Guy makes his return, freestyling on-air and hinting at an upcoming mixtape. Alex doesn2019t understand twerking.