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One of our KaiNexus customers suggested that we share audio from our webinar series as podcasts. We've done that! And we're also adding content from our KaiNexus blog, read as audio book-style podcasts. To view webinar recordings (audio and slides) or to see and download slides, visit http://www.kainexus.com/webinars and then click on the webinar library. To read content from our blog, visit http://blog.kainexus.com. Our webinars feature KaiNexus leaders, such as Dr. Greg Jacobson and Mark Graban, along with noted authors and our customers, talking about continuous improvement, leadership, and operational excellence. Kaizen and Lean are also featured topics. KaiNexus is a software company that is focused on helping spread continuous improvement throughout organizations.

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Ask Us Anything! Episode #18

Updated a long time ago.

Mark Graban and Dr. Greg Jacobson of KaiNexus take questions from our community

Topics in this episode include:

- Effective gemba visits and observation by leaders
- Finding meaningful alignment in metrics from top to bottom in strategy deployment
- What role can state and national organizations play in advancing LEAN Healthcare initiatives? Is there an opportunity for Nursing organizations and/or unions that's being overlooked?
- We need to move our 5S efforts and auditing to a higher level - something that is effective and can help us advance 5S and get more buy-in from the production workers, supervisors, etc. Any creative, proven suggestions that "work"?

Plus a few short answers on concerts, belts, home states, and more...