Doctor Who: The Whovian Review

Come listen to a group of Doctor Who fans that range from recent enthusiast to long time followers . We break down and analyze the most recent episodes trying to figure what could be happening in the future as well as explain the references to the past. Join us in the fun that is Doctor Who.

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The Whovian Review #158- Can you hear me?

Updated 4 months ago.

Come get sonic screwdrivered in an episode where Freddy, er Zellin, forgets his glove of knives, and uses his dismembered fingers to grab the nightmares from us humans and transmit them to his long lost fellow nightmare grabbing demigod, or immortal who is trapped across the universe between two planets. Somehow Graham dreams about the prisoner Rakaya, while Yaz is in a nightmare where she is stranded in the middle of a street for all eternity. In the end Freddy gets fingered.