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I’m Anne Bachrach and for over 24 years I’ve been best known as The Accountability Coach™. Did you know that the #1 reason people don’t get what they want is lack of accountability? If you want to make more money and work less, accountability is for you. Are you sick and tired of your business just making you sick and tired? You know the drill. You invest a lot of time in building and growing your business. You make many personal sacrifices. You hope that the trade-off is more clients, more revenue, more progress toward your goals, and more prosperity so you can enjoy the business and life you truly want. Good intentions don’t magically lead to good results. They are a start; however, they are unfortunately not enough. This is just the truth! Poor follow through takes a toll on virtually every aspect of our lives. It not only threatens our health, it also prevents us from achieving personal, financial, and career goals that are well within our reach. When you are held accountable to the activity required to achieve your goals, you will make more money, be able to work less, and enjoy even better work life balance. If this sounds at all like something you want, you are in the right place to accelerate your results! Subscribe to the business success tips and resources Blog and receive valuable information to help you accelerate your results, so you can enjoy your ideal business and ideal life by going to

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Creating High Self-esteem that Gives You an Edge - Step 3

Updated 3 months ago.

Today we are talking about the 3rd Step to Creating Successful Results with High Self-esteem, which is to make a list of all your accomplishments.

This means everything, even if you take an accomplishment for granted and don't think it's much to be proud of. Make a list of 50 goals you have accomplished, even those from your childhood.
Here are a few examples:
• Learned to ride a bike
• Went hang gliding or bungee jumping, (This is on my list even though I was and am afraid of heights)
• Was a pace setter for a charity by raising a lot of money
• Started my own business
• Started a neighborhood card club or book club
• Started a neighborhood watch program
• Received an award for _________
• Graduated from high school
• Graduated from college
• Got a PhD
• Got my dream job
• Competed in a marathon, triathlon, walkathon, etc.
• Lost weight and got down to my ideal weight
• Bought the car I've always wanted
• Bought my 1st home
• Bought a boat
• Bought some great skis
• Wake up early every Saturday morning to work out
• Closed that big deal last week!
• Started a podcast and have lots of great listeners!

Look at how much you've accomplished! Think about all the hard work it took to accomplish those goals and that you had what it took to do it. Even if there are 4 things on your list, you can still be proud of yourself. Each goal called upon your talents and you successfully applied them to accomplish them - and that‘s something to be proud of. Everything completed is an accomplishment, even if you only walk away with knowledge and experience.

Tune in tomorrow for the 4th Step to Creating Successful Results with High Self-esteem.

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