The Perfect Squares

Childhood friends Pyro and Quanta (erm... ok apparently we're going with our real names, Jessica and Lizzy) dissect popular culture from a safe distance. Like those kids in school who sat against the wall of the cafeteria to make fun of everyone else. Probably playing pogs or Magic: The Gathering or something.

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The Queeny Robot and His Trashcan Friend

Updated a long time ago.

FINALLY. You can stop crying in your pillow at night because episode 2
is ready for your listening pleasure! In this exciting episode Jessica
(@jessicamerizan) and Lizzy (@i_am_platypus) answer listener questions
(! Also discussed are the origins of their
top-secret spy names (ooh intrigue), the Royals, Dr. Manhattan, the
importance of Star Wars, and meeting celebrities in bathrooms! YAY!