Ray Hom, and various M.E.M co-hosts including Bo! Campbell, Mike Calonsag, Willis Lai, and Anthony Rivera get together outside of their filmmaking duties over at Mind.Erase.Media to host a podcast with a little help from their guests and friends. Join them as they talk about tech, video games, movies, sports, and the most random stuff possible. It's kinda like you're hanging out with them. Warning: NSFW-but-fun-lingo, FULL of SPOILERS, and, at times, fully infected with GMO d!ck jokes. Check them out at MechaZombie logo by Sonam Dhanjal.

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M.E.MCast Ep 057 - Bro at First Sight

Updated a long time ago.

Like DJ Khaled said, ANOTHER ONE!

Welcome one and all again to the M.E.MCast!

Ray (@rayhom) and Anthony (@murseant) are joined by the captain of the Jammer Crew himself, Mike Calonsag. On this episode, they discuss the origins of how Ray and Mike became friends, the constant ribbing between Mike and Anthony, and Mario Puzo and 'The Last Don'.

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And Here...We...GO!!!

Music -
Introduction: Kronicle - Sunshine
Main Theme: Take/Five - Breakaway