Up, Up And Away

A podcast with two brothers having fun and discussing all things comic book. Each episode, we will be bringing you news, reviews and general hilarity.

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We're Back! Deadpool, Black Panther, Jessica Jones, & More!

Updated about 5 days ago.

The podcast is back! This week, Matt and Joe talk about their hiatus, what they've missed in comic book movies, and what they are looking forward to. Also, from this week, we have a ton of trailers! Deadpool 2, Jessica Jones, even Venom! We break them down. Plus, our hams get steamed about a rumored director, and we give our wild expectations for Black Panther! Tune in!

Time Code:
03:21 - Headlines
31:35 - Rumor Mill
50:16 - Quick Hits
58:20 - Wild Expectations