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FM #194 - Capital Budget Subcommittee meeting of 1/15/20

Updated about 2 days ago.

This is the Franklin Matters radio show, number 194 in the series, now collaborating with Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio (

This recording shares the Capital Budget Subcommittee meeting of Wednesday, Jan 15, 2020. It was held in the Municipal Building, 3rd floor training room. The four members of the Town Council that make up this committee chaired by Debbie Pellegri were all present. Matt Kelly, Brian Chandler, and Robert Dellorco you’ll hear as they take their turn asking questions of the department leads on the individual capital requests.

Town Administrator Jamie Hellen begins with an explanation of the free cash for FY 2020 which is the starting point. To help follow along with the math, the starting point of ‘free cash’ is $3.482M. The set aside amount is $1.718M which leaves $1.764M for the capital budget.

The Finance Committee met twice in December to review and approve the recommendations. The Subcommittee now has their chance to review and approve of the $1.539M amount recommended to bring to the full Town Council for their discussion and approval. Yes, there is $124K left aside for the ‘second pass’ after the winter and the snow/ice budget expenses are fully known.

Ultimately, the subcommittee did approve all the requests so the full Town Council will get their turn at a future meeting. There was one condition on the School Committee amount approved; the numbers, as proposed, didn’t add up properly on the document and were not able to be explained fully in the meeting. The numbers will get sorted out (and corrected, if necessary) for the Town Council discussion.

Links for the capital budget memo and supporting documents are included. I include my Excel spreadsheet so you can see those totals and subtotals.

The meeting itself runs approx 1 hour and 40 minutes, so without further ado here is Capital Budget Subcommittee meeting