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The ONLY Diet That Cured Her Digestive Issues...

Updated about 1 year ago.

Sylvia Tabor is a health coach from Chicago Illinois who has used her body as an ongoing experiment to determine the perfect human diet.

Sylvia has been a vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, Keto and now currently follows a Carnivore lifestyle and in today's episode explains her results on each diet and how it's transformed her life!

In today's episode, Sylvia talks about her struggles with eating disorders, severe digestive issues and the diet that has worked to help her get over both!

Sylvia is what's called a Bio Hacker which means she looks to find any way to improve health, happiness and wellbeing in herself and all her clients.

She also shares her top 3 bio-hacks to get the best results in fat loss, increase energy and BE HAPPY!

You can learn more about Sylvia at OR on Instagram @biohacking.keto.chick