The Marketing Minute with Chris Jensen

When every business seems to be the makes the difference. This podcast series is dedicated exclusively to marketing. In it, we showcase ideas that transcend industries to help your business stand out from the crowd. Listen as we interview successful entrepreneurs and marketing professionals from advertising, social media, profit & nonprofits enterprises. We explore the subjects of digital and traditional media, and how each contribute to marketing success. In a world where every business seems to be the same, find out what it takes to avoid the commodity trap. Subscribe to receive our latest episodes as soon as they're published.

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Be Bold, Be Different & Be Heard in 2015

Updated a long time ago.

In this edition of the Marketing Minute with Chris Jensen, we interview nationally known voice over artist Mark Cardnella about his unique direct mail marketing campaign. Since receiving that piece, Mark has become one of our regular voices displaying his talents on many client productions.