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Culture Trappin is a show that covers music, politics, television, movies, comics and more with its own unique flavor. At times we are over the top crazy and other times insightful but always with a unique way to look at the world around us.

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Culture Trappin ep 14 R&B FOREVER

Updated about 13 days ago.

We dig into the cultural reaction to the recent Grammy Awards, the Valiant comics buy out by DNG, the Brian Bendis DC deal,Quincy Jones telling it all, the greatness of the show Riverdale, where is Robert Townsend, honest thoughts on the promotion of the Black Panther film, Black Lightning tv show still fyah, The Boys tv series, potential Mark Millar/Darkhorse deal,Woody Allen,Scott Baio a creep, Metal issue 4 , we fixed the DC character of Cyborg & more

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