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Don Pezet and friends cover a whirlwind of tech topics each week from interviews with industry experts and up-and-coming companies to commentary on topics like security, vendor certifications, networking, and just about anything IT related.

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Technado, Ep. 225: Digital Trust Networks' Ramesh Kesanupall

Updated about 1 month ago.

It's not easy to make Don Pezet star-struck, but that's just what happened with this week's guest, Ramesh Kesanupalli, the founder of the Fido Alliance. Ramesh is currently working with Digital Trust Networks and the ADI Association, and he spoke about the importance of a digital identity standard. In the news, the team discussed if Windows 11's security features really slow down gaming, a new fingerprint option from Yubico, and Google turning on 2FA by default. A viewer sent in a fun story about a Dutch campground still using an Atari ST to manage bookings. In 'Who Got Pwned,' they covered a text message routing company's compromise. And finally, in 'Behind Bars,' they talked about a Bank of America employee getting caught in a business email compromise scheme.