Doctor Who: 42 To Doomsday

Mark and Rob host 42 to Doomsday, Australia's longest running and most popular Doctor Who podcast. We chat about the show, and leave the reviews and DVD commentaries to everyone else!

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42 to Doomsday - Up (Peri) Scope!

Updated 9 months ago.

Episode 90 – Up (Peri) Scope! - We are back and once again have dragged some beauties from the archives, but this time, with a difference! We’ve put DWB and the 90’s (temporarily) on hiatus and travelled back to the late 70’s / early 80’s of Australian fandom. We focus on our northern cousins (aka the country bumpkins from Queensland) and their (sometimes extreme!) contemporary views on Season 17!

Gasp at the caustic contemporary editorials ranting against Season 17, cringe at the views in the letters pages that will make you want to take a long, hot shower and grimace at a ‘unique’ retrospective on Target novels and where they went wrong!

All this plus will the lads react in their usual calm manner when presented with differing views on their favourite / worst Dr Who stories and more importantly, will Mark’s latest joke ‘efforts’ help Rob break out of his writing funk!

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