Getting Healthy & Fit @ 50 plus

My name is Gregory Rice, I'm 60 years old and after deciding to stop taking my health for granted. I decided to go in the opposite direction and I have never looked back. I went from taking 10 different medications for such issues as cholesterol, high blood pressure, acid re flux, to name a few. Height 5/7 weight at that time 238. I learned a lot on my journey to get to where I'm am today. Still 5 ft 7 inches, weight 162. I decided I wanted to share through my podcast the lessons I learned, the good days when I did everything right, the bad days when I did everything wrong, and the ugly days when I just wanted to gave up. In the end it will always be about your health and fitness. Your never to old to start. and you will appreciate journey.This weekly podcast will provide you with informative information science based information that will teach you how to understand what your health and fitness really means when you take control of your over body inside and out. Making the right choices everyday not only with food but fitness and how to be your own trainer with knowledge. I look forward to your feed back of my podcast and as you embark on your journey I look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you on how your doing.

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