Doctor Who: The Whovian Review

Come listen to a group of Doctor Who fans that range from recent enthusiast to long time followers . We break down and analyze the most recent episodes trying to figure what could be happening in the future as well as explain the references to the past. Join us in the fun that is Doctor Who.

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The Whovian Review #188- The Fires of Pompeii

Updated 5 months ago.

Pyrovile are invading Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii, but no volcano is to be erupting. Enter the Doctor, the oncoming storm, destroyer of worlds, and of Pompeii?! Donna gets on his case for not trying to evacuate the city, but the Doctor has to show her the choices a Time Lord faces. Jase must face the acting chops of Peter Capaldi, Colin might enjoy the monster of the week, and Michael is enjoying seeing a certain Pond girl again. Join us while we revisit this historical epic tale.