The Faith Tested By Fire Podcast

Practical ways to pray and trust God for the victory in the midst of the fiery trials of life.

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Get Renewed from the Inside-Out

Updated about 5 days ago.

Do you feel worn down, a bit worn out and in need of some uplifting? Every day we have the choice to feed our spirit with good, uplifting “food” just like we do with our physical bodies.

The things we talk about effect our inner-man. The things we think about effect our inner-man. The things we hear do the same.

You can see why God gave his people Mana or food from heaven – one day at a time. The food they received on Monday wasn’t enough to tide them over several days.

It was just good on Monday. Once Tuesday came, they needed a fresh supply for that day.

In today’s podcast, I want to encourage you to make a practical plan to ensure you get what you need from God to thrive and prosper, each and every day (no matter what’s happening in the outward world around you.