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Could Spinach be harming you? Expert Sally Norton explains!

Updated about 1 year ago.

Could the so called superfoods of today actually be harming you?

Why did Paleo come about and then several years later we needed Auto Immune Paleo?

Do you eat cleaner than anyone you know and yet you have more issues than anyone you know?

What is the Keto Rash and why does it happen? And why aren't you seeing the results you want on a ketogenic diet.

The truth is, many of today's trendy superfoods such as those killer green smoothes, and sweet potato fries could actually be slowing killing you!

And while nutrition isn't the end-all-be-all with regard to optimal health, you should know that certain foods contain toxins called oxalates that could be the reason you are suffering.

I'm excited to have on the show, Sally K Norton to share with you accurate and the latest-up-to-date knowledge on all things oxalates!

Sally Norton is in my opinion the leading educator in oxalates and the damage they can do. With over 35 years of Education and research, Sally holds a Bachelors in the Science in Nutrition from Cornell, a Master of Public Health from Chapel Hill, Clinical consultant on a team incorporating holistic healing into care plans for critically ill patients, a contributing author and editor, a researcher, and a Faculty member of the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Department of Social and Behavioral Health. So she is highly accredited to speak to us today about oxalates. And you can find out all about her awesomeness and check out her super fit physique by visiting

Sally recommends contacting her directly to learn more about oxalates, and how they could be affecting you and how to engage in a low-oxalate way of eating. She has lots of resources and food lists for her clientele to make going low-oxalate easy and delicious.

She also recommends the VP (Vulvar Pain) Foundation, as a great starting point for learning about oxalates:

Another great list is found at with lots of up to date info there.

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