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The podcast for gamers who love movies! In "Bits" we cover new and upcoming game releases, current game industry news and discuss any games we have been playing recently. Then in "Flicks" we go over any recent trailers, tv/film news and discuss any tv or movies we have been watching. Listen to both or just listen to one, either way we got you covered on all your entertainment needs.

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Now Showing - Avengers: Endgame

Updated 6 months ago.

For this episode I am joined by two special guests, Brian and James. Together we assemble to review Avengers: Endgame, likely the biggest film of the year as well as the end of a saga, an infinity saga, that started almost 11 years ago this month. This is an extra hefty episode but we had a lot to cover and I think we give a lot of bang for your metaphorical buck.