Wayback Playback with Pat McNeill & Jim Valley

Pat McNeill & Jim Valley provide alternate commentary for the best (and worst) pro wrestling events of all time. Now, the original watchalong show has escaped the paywall, and is free for everyone. Fire up the WWE Network and enter the wayback machine with our intrepid podcasting legends. From the WWF to WCW to the original ECW, we promise wrestling fans we'll boldly go where we've all been before!

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#239: Mr. Perfect vs. Big Bossman at Wrestlemania VII!

Updated about 14 days ago.

Will Big Boss Man get his final revenge on the Heenan Family by capturing the WWF Intercontinental Title from Mr. Perfect? Can Greg Valentine overcome the massive Earthquake and the interference of Jimmy Hart? Did you know Pat & Jim had no idea Koji Kitao had passed away when they recorded this episode? (Really. We can't stress that enough.) Learn the answers to these and many more questions as hosts Pat McNeill & Jim Valley take you back to the thrilling days of yesteryear, with the third hour of WWF WrestleMania VII. It’s Wayback Playback on The Creative Control Network!

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