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Using a Goal Setting Vision Board to Reach Your Dreams

Updated 2 months ago.

Having dreams and goals is an incredible thing; it keeps you motivated and gives you purpose. But without a well-thought-out plan, a goal rarely executes well. Planning is a fantastic way of staying focused on your goals and achieving personal greatness.

Vision boards are helpful and inspirational tools that make your dreams and goals feel more accessible. These boards can be a fun art project that maximizes your motivation and pushes you to try harder.

Vision boards are like a sacred visual space that displays all things you want to achieve in life. Therefore, it helps you stay on the right path. Let’s discuss how you can set a goal-setting vision board and effectively use it as a visualization tool.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a physical reminder of things you want to achieve in a specific timeframe. Typically, vision board ideas include photos, words, and virtually any other visual displays.

These boards act as a visualization tool to help you hit your personal, professional, and material goals. By placing visual representations of your dreams in one space, you can look at them daily and even activate the Law of Attraction.

How Do You Use a Goal Board, Dream Board, and Inspiration Board to Set Goals?
Vision boards are the perfect tool to picture your dreams and goals. Goal boards, dream boards, motivational boards, inspiration boards, and various other different types of vision boards serve the same purpose: to inspire, to motivate, to help you achieve great heights.

Vision boards help you set goals in two ways:
• Tap into your receptivity and imagine all that could and can be. These visions include color, feelings, words, or sensations
• Unlock your space of intention and find your deepest desires by engaging in expressing, exploring, and representing them

What is the Difference Between a Vision Board and Goals?

We are all guilty of making extensive lists of goals and resolutions. We all create plans, set goals, and make resolutions- but more often than not, our goals may not always be realistic, and our plans and resolutions fall apart.

Whenever our goal doesn’t go the way we planned, we feel defeated, hopeless, and unworthy. And then the next year comes around the corner, and we repeat the cycle.

Vision boards help you break the cycle. Vision boards include the big picture of the years ahead and inspire you to take action, so you will be on the path to achieving and enjoying what you put on your vision board at some time in the future.

These boards are collages of images and words representing your dreams and goals, and serve as inspiration.

As humans, we are more likely to remember something if we retrieve or recount it multiple times. Thus, repeatedly looking at your vision board helps you achieve your goals and dreams.

Here are some reasons you would want to create a vision board and keep it current:
• Ensures you don’t get sidetracked
• It helps you stay intentional about transforming your mindset
• Keeps you from feeling overwhelmed
• Aids you in making the right decisions that moves you closer to the achievement of your goals

What Materials Do You Need to Create a Vision Board?

Here’s a vision board checklist you’ll need to create your vision board:
• Magazine cutouts, catalogs, postcards, old photos, and any symbol that represents your objectives to help create a collage of images
• A large corkboard or posterboard
• Scissors
• Glue, pins, thumbtacks, or magnets
• Ribbons, flowers, leaves, stickers, or stones
• Crayons, markers, or colored pencils
• Motivational quotations, poems, or affirmations that match your vision board ideas

3 Category Ideas for a Vision Board

Let’s discuss the top 3 vision board ideas to set goals:

1. Home and Family
Home and family vision boards include your family plans, values, and upcoming adventures.

You may even incorporate your desires to reinforce your relationship with your child (children), partner, parents, or grandkids.

2. Dream Job and Career Goals
Since most of us are working to create our dream career or business, it’s wise to create a dream job or career goal vision board.

These boards are typically text-heavy and include career and business affirmations.

3. Health, Wellness, and Self Care
Ask yourself: How do I want to look, be, and feel in the coming year, and in the future? Answering this question will help you identify your health goals.

Perhaps you want to feel stronger or get more flexible. Either way, include relevant images of the muscle group you want to target, or a yoga position you would like to be able to do. In addition, add self-love affirmations and motivational quotes.

What Goals Should You Include in a Vision Board?

The purpose of a vision board is to inspire and motivate you- it helps you breathe life to your goals. Thus, you can include anything that drives you to achieve your objectives.

Typically, vision boards help you achieve your goals in the following areas:
• Career or Business
• Finances
• Home
• Health, including emotional, physical, and mental
• Relationships
• Personal growth, such as spirituality and education

Let me walk you through a simple step-by-step guide to creating the perfect vision board:
1. Create an extensive list of goals you want to achieve in the coming years
2. Collect old magazines and catalogs with attractive pictures that inspire you
3. Find pictures online or lying around your home that represents your goals
4. Get rid of all distractions and get in the right frame of mind
5. Create a comfortable and welcoming environment by clearing your space and putting on some relaxing music
6. Make a vibrant and inspiring collage using your photos
7. Add motivational affirmation words that motivate you to strive for your dreams
8. Take time every week to contemplate your vision board will help you

How Does a Vision Board Serve as a Visualization Tool to Help You Achieve Your Goals and Dreams?

Vision boards are the perfect visualization tools that represent your ideal business and ideal life. These boards allow you to feel good about setting goals via pictures, images, and words.

This way, you can strengthen and stimulate your emotions, feel good about your future, and boost your chances of achieving all of your goals.

How Does a Great Vision Board Activate the Law of Attraction to Help You Reach Life Goals or a Specific Goal?

Poster boards are inspirational collages of pictures and words that help engage your subconscious mind. These boards are a powerful way of activating the Law of Attraction to make your desires more attainable.

Here’s how you can activate the Law of Attraction to make your life and personal goals a reality:
• Look, hold, and imagine your vision every night
• Add affirmation statements to your vision board to feel good, full, and confident
• Wake up early and go through your vision board to ensure your goals and desires are at the top of your mind
• Carry a recipe of words describing who and where you want to be
• During hard times, look at your past achievements and celebrate them

The Bottom Line

As time passes and you start achieving your goals, don’t remove the images that represent the goals you’ve already achieved.

Achievement of your professional and personal goals in your vision board is a powerful visual reminder of the fantastic things you’ve attracted in your life. Don’t stop there, instead keep updating your vision board to transform your dreams into a reality.

For more help on creating your ideal business and ideal life, reach out to me today and schedule your complimentary consultation.

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