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Episode 149: Successful Book Marketing

Updated a long time ago.

* The story of how Joe became friends with Arianna Huffington (and the insider story on the marketing of her new book 2018Thrive2019)
* A secret to happiness that Hugh Jackman, Howard Stern, Oprah, Joe Polish, Russell Brand, Jerry Seinfeld, Rupert Murdoch, Ellen DeGeneres, and many more have discovered
* A surprising discovery about physical pain that could help you become pain free (Joe was told by some of the top doctors that he might have to have surgery because he was having excruciating pain in his shoulder and in his knee from a torn meniscus for almost 2 years straight 2014 and THIS discovery helped him!)
* The truth about successful book campaigns most authors, speakers, and celebrities don2019t understand
*Joe shares his keys for approaching big book launches like the ones he did with Peter Diamandis (2018Abundance2019) and Arianna Huffington (2018Thrive2019)
*Dean shares the easiest and fastest way to have a book written for you in less than 90 minutes that people will read and love.