Coaching Kids Right

Veteran youth coach, Tom Geiser, talks about the good and the bad of coaching kids. He'll discuss the role of the coach and how to deal with parents. Tom will share the resources he has found and used over the years. He won't sugar coat his messaging and he likes to let you know what has worked for him and what hasn't. He admits to making mistakes and doing things right. Now he's going to share what he has learned over 20 years of coaching. He is Certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance, he is a certified golf coach, golf mental coach (by the PGA Europe) and Titleist Performance Institute Certified.

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Coaching Kids Right: Practice

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Tom talks about what practice should mean to you. You should have a plan--down to five minute increments. You should allow for immediate teaching without calling players out. You should build confidence and work with players who lack some ability to focus on one or two skills, which will give them confidence. Practice is almost more important than the game. it's where you make sure they know what they need to do at the game.