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Interview with Blaine Oelkers, Chief Results Officer®

Updated 3 months ago.

I think you will find my guest to be a person who loves to help people get RESULTS, and knows which habits bring success and results.

Blaine Oelkers is a TEDx Speaker and leading authority in personal implementation and consistency. He is America’s only Chief Results Officer®. He’s a habit master with documented streaks of 1,485 days in a row and counting! Blaine graduated from Purdue University and Stanford University’s Social Entrepreneurship Program. He co-authored 3 books. He is powered by Selfluence, which is a personal development and training company. He is excited to share with you ways you can take control of your life by taking control of yourself.

Here are a few of the questions I asked Blaine that you will benefit from by listening to his interview:

• You are called the Chief Results Officer. What are the specific habits we need to implement that will consistently bring us successful results?

• The different types of Results Machines™ - Making your results automatic.

• You talk about a 30 Minute Hour. Is it really possible to get an hour's worth of important activities done in just 30 minutes? If so, tell us how to do this please!

• I believe we can change a habit the first time we decide to and it doesn’t have to take 21 days. How do you suggest we create new habits in 21 seconds instead of 21 days?

• If you could distill all of personal development down to a single sentence what would that be?

• Share with us the secrets to unlock the full power of our mind. WYTAYBA™ - What You Think About You Bring About

• Most of us who have been around the business world for a minute, have read or at least heard of the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. If you haven’t, you need to read this book. Blaine, you have your own version Think and Grow Rich – how is that different than other versions?

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