BOOM SHOTS Reggae Mix Show

ATTENTION APPLE-ITUNES. THIS PODCAST IS LEGAL. PLEASE LIST ON YOUR ITUNES PODCASTS. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL INFO@BIGUPRADIO.COM. BOOM SHOTS reggae dancehall show hosted by DJ BOOM from Bassmentality Sound. Tune into the 24x7 Slamming Dancehall internet radio station every Wednesday 3am 9am 3pm 9pm EST and get the latest reggae dancehall releases mixed by a master. DJ Boom is here to mash up your Wednesdays!

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BOOM SHOTS #97 with Jah Cure

Updated a long time ago.

The long awaited return of musical power house JAH CURE has arrived! JAH CURE guest stars on this weeks BOOM SHOTS on . Hosted by DJ Boom, BOOM SHOTS is a weekly dancehall show that you can catch every Wednesday on Bigupradio's 24x7 Dancehall internet radio station. JAH CURE hasn't let anything stop him from putting out sweet reggae tunes over these years he's been away. And now he has just released his new hit album "True Reflections" with VP Records. Tune in to find out what the upcoming CURE FEST 2007 and what JAH CURE is up to.