The Scarlet Cord

The Scarlet Cord is a podcast for the prodigals, hurting, lost, and distracted. Each episode centers upon seeing how the Gospel of Jesus is woven into every aspect of our lives so that we can find hope for our day.

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Week 16 Episode 1 Advent 1

Updated a long time ago.

The season of Advent is one where we look forward to the coming of Christ and celebrate that He has come already. It's usually a season of joy, but it can sometimes be quite stressful and tough for some. In this series, we're going to do one weekly episode that will focus on how God is revealing himself to us in a number of ways all season long so that we might find some hope this Christmas. In this episode we are going to look at how we are given more time to reflect upon our lives. Contemplation upon the mystery of Christ is a gift and we're talking about it today to find hope.