Coram Deo

Coram Deo is a podcast hosted by Kyle J. Howard. The aim of this podcast is to discuss how theology affects every area of life. Coram Deo was the battle cry of the Reformation. The reformers believed that there was no distinction between "secular & sacred". They believed that every facet of life was to be lived as if the saint was in the presence of God. Coram Deo is a Latin phrase that literally means, "In The Presence of God". Join me as I discuss how sound theology impacts how we live before God.

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Black Hebrew Israelites & The Gospel of Racial Divide

Updated a long time ago.

There is a sect in America that is rapidly growing in urban communities right under the noses of most Christians. Due to neglect and the outright dismissal by many Christians, this group has expanded exponentially and with its expansion has led many of the brightest and most promising black youths into a system of racism, hatred, and ultimately a false Gospel. Join me today, and my guess Vocal Malone from Urban Theologian as we discuss the Black Hebrew Israelite movement. DO not dismiss this discussion, like Islam, the movement has grown exponentially and they are one of the least evangelized groups within the urban context.

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