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Welcome aboard the Starlight Car, our relaxing parlor aboard the Video Game Choo Choo. Come ride with us once a month as we talk with our friends in and around the gaming industry about the projects they're working on or whatever they're passionate about. You can get episodes of Starlight Car one week before they air at

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The Vale with David Evans

Updated about 1 year ago.

It’s another ride in the parlour as Elvie talks with David Evans about the audio only video game The Vale: Shadow of the Crown. David tells us all about developing a game for blind and low-sighted gamers, and navigating blind representation in not-so-stereotypical fashion, and what making a game for such an under-considered space in gaming means for the people who play it.

This episode also contains clips from the game so you can listen and experience it for yourself, which also means that it’s presented in, and has been edited to utilize, full stereo sound. So give this one a listen with a nice pair of speakers or just a cool pair of headphones if you want the full experience.

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown is available on Steam, itchio, the Epic Games Store, and Xbox. You can follow Falling Squirrel on Twitter at @FallingSquirrel, and sign up for their newsletter for more updates on what the studio will be up through their website.

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