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As a 30+ year forensic expert, Mozelle opens her episodes by analyzing the handwriting of her guests live! Show topics typically include forensics, psychology, and / or spirituality. This unique potion is called “Mozelleology”. Learn about some forensic tricks to help you figure out people in your life, as well as tips & tools from Mozelle and her guests to help you on your journey of self-development, self-awareness, and transformational healing. Learn to finally let go of the anger, shame, guilt, and resentment. Learn to finally forgive yourself and others to boost your spirituality. Get rid of those toxic thoughts, suppressed emotions, self-sabotaging behaviors, trust issues, bitter sarcasm, self-loathing, unhappy relationships, and so much more. Stop the drama and listen to this podcast. Get some Mozelleology in your life & become a Mozelleologist at -->

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Reunification Therapy

Updated about 22 days ago.

Some mental health professionals claim Reunification Therapy provides hope to family members, while other mental health professionals claim it creates hell for the child and sometimes even the custodial parent. In addition, some mental health professionals claim Reunification Therapy is not real therapy, while family courts tend to be strong advocates for it.

In this episode, Mozelle Martin interviews Kelly Townsend, owner of Lien & Bond Investigations in the Phoenix, Arizona area and Dana Hoffman. a Cyber Intelligence Researcher who lives in Louisiana. In this episode we discuss their case work, as well as how the process of rebuilding can provide hope to the family. However we also discuss the roles courts play, that may actual put children at more risk for revictimization. What do YOU think… does reunification therapy offer hope or hell?

To contact Kelly, please call 480-251-7373 or @ // Dana, please call 318-533-2818 or @ // Dr. Craig Childress @ // Center for Sex Offender Management @ // Mozelle Martin @