Barcode Podcast 2.0 - Beer, Games, & Nonsense

We are Mike Lock, CraigMakk, and Reese, three blowhards who make enough money to blow some on good beer and every videogame, gadget and tech-trash that we see....join us as we talk about all of it and more. You might be offended, but certainly not disappointed.

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Episode 1 - Quarantine Life!

Updated about 1 year ago.

Holy crap, these guys again?! No, we didn't forget how to number our episodes. And no, we didn't die and have our RSS feed pirated by some hacker. We're actually BAAAAAACK!! This is BCP 2.0, the relaunch of your favorite podcast about Beer, Games, and Nonsense! CraigMakk & Mike Lock are joined in the studio by OG guest and new official co-host, Reese! For those of you who said, "Only a worldwide pandemic could ever drag Mike back into the studio," be careful what you wish for...

In this all-new relaunch pilot episode, the Barcode Boys engage in a lively conversation about the impact of COVID on the beer and video game industry, talk about the rise of indie games over the last decade, witness the triumphant return of Angry Mike, learn which co-host is scared of the dark, hear about their official Pandemic Gamer Backlog, and learn their favorite games of last year and most anticipated of this year. Plus, it wouldn't be a BarcodePodcast if there weren't some outstanding Showcase Beers:

Lock: (Lock's own) Broken Goblet Strawberry Cream Ale
Makk: (Lock's own) Broken Goblet Carle the Great Russian Imperial Stout aged in Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey Barrels (whew....that's a mouth full!)
Reese: MGD and Founders KBS