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Unlimited Rail Works Episode 75: Paranoia Agent

Updated about 22 days ago.

The Rail Crew, minus John, is back once again to discuss Satoshi Kon's sole TV series Paranoia Agent. See where this classic thriller succeeds and lightly falters as the experts weigh in on this gorgeous work. Then, Rose talks about Hitman isekai, a potion shop show that ISN'T isekai, and other crazy shit. Maverick hears Komi-san out and appreciates the progressive views of Blue Period. Elvie wants to protect John....the armadillo, specifically, touches on High Guardian Spice, and is surprised at how horny Mieruko-chan gets.

The opening is Dream Island Obsessional Park by Susumu Hirasawa and the ending is Maromi no Theme by Shiroi Oka, both from Paranoia Agent.

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