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Riot Radio Show #118

Updated 2 months ago.

Riot Radio Show #118

The Chisel- class oppression
Nancy Boi!- 40’s and burgers
Mad Mulligans- bricks and batteries
The Slime- coming soon to an alley near you
White Stains- hated in h.s.
Bootlicker- it’s beautiful
Impalers- day tripper
C.H.E.W.- toxoplasmosis
SSEX- fuck the polizei
Force Majeure- noirceur
Teenage Hearts- bar code
Stiff Richards- mr. situation
AxeRash- spineless
Antibodies- yer a fucking wolf
Cereal Killer- big mix is a big bitch
Man Eaters- foreplay lessons of love
Purple-X- glasses
Erik Nervous & The Beta Blockers- state line
The Sweatys- take a letter to my dentist
Invalid- court of public opinion
C.L.A.W.- heedless
The Mark Vodka Group- shadow of your former self
Dark Thoughts- terrible things
Benton Arme- la vie
Incisions- no shame
Scarecrow- adaptation
Tozcos- un hogar
PCP & The Knives- wind up dead
Junta- de madrugada
Ultra Razzia- l’horreur
Q- relaxed mike
Kohti Tuhoa- ohjelmoitu voittaja
Physique- disdain
Booji Boys- calling