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URW is a bi-weekly anime podcast from Video Game Choo Choo.

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Unlimited Rail Works Episode 94: Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Updated 3 months ago.

The Patreon pick for this month was the 2018 remake of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and Maverick and Rose sat down with a more knowledgeable Elvie to learn all about this pretty-boyified version of a classic story. Later, Maverick talks about Masaaki Yuasa's most recent film Inu-oh, and his freedom from the cuckoos. Rose has continued to watch those dang Kamen Riders, and Elvie has gotten deeper into yet another multimedia hole with Arsnotoria.

Our opening song is "Binary Star" by Hiroyuki Sawano, and our ending is "WISH" by ELISA.