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Join the Hopped-Up Gaming crew on our weekly podcast that encapsulates the things that run our life: liquor, video games, film, and popular culture.

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Episode 1: Helium Doesn't Explode

Updated a long time ago.

With the soft launch of this, your new favourite podcast about topics that *no one else* has ever before done a podcast on, we jump right into the thick of it by giving our opinions on artisinal weed strains, competitive Bloodborne, and the pronunciation of 'dirigible.'

But we're not all about floating vehicles and their gaseous mixtures here at SuperHU, we're also about video games involving cats, Nano Bees, and David Bowie. And hating David Cage. And Cloud Strife's milk-carton arms. And more!

Beer of the Week: Dageraad Brewing's Londen

Hosts: Chris Norris-Jones, Kelly Wright, Matt Emery

Guest: Benoit "This is a Setup" Busque, Game Designer