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A podcast for designers, aspiring designers, or those who just passionate about good design. Designer, entrepreneur and host Laura Powers interviews designers and those affiliated with the design to provide inspiration, insights, and tools for those who are in work in various design fields. Background graphic by Freepik. For more information on Laura Powers, you can go to her website

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OC Fashion Week with Kathy Marino and Cynthia Rose

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Kathy Marino is the producer of Orange County Fashion Week, a global organization dedicated to international fashion trade and commerce. Cynthia Rose is the Regional Marketing Manager for Celebrity Cruises and they will be sponsoring the OC Fashion Week which runs March 23-27 which is inspired by the new Edge ship. OC’s platform was built bi-annually to offer fashion designers West Coast diversity and exposure to some of the world’s leading retail buyers that not only live in OC, but attract their global counterparts who frequently do business on the California Riviera. OC Fashion Council includes a portfolio of fashion technology, international alliances in retail and fashion houses, and all-new emerging media powerhouses. In addition to be one of the leading retail markets, Orange County is also an influential presence among charitable giving. The charitable efforts made by the Orange County community are unmatched to the U.S. average and are paving the way for continued efforts. Learn more at or follow @hauteoc and @haysalty on Instagram, and @celebritycruise and Twitter #celebritycruises. To find out more about Laura and her work please visit her website at You can also find Laura on twitter @thatlaurapowers, on Facebook @thatlaurapowers, and on instagram at laurapowers44.