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Don Pezet and friends cover a whirlwind of tech topics each week from interviews with industry experts and up-and-coming companies to commentary on topics like security, vendor certifications, networking, and just about anything IT related.

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Technado, Ep. 167: Netdata’s Costa Tsaousis

Updated about 1 month ago.

What do you do when you create a groundbreaking network monitoring tool? You post the source code on GitHub and Reddit for all the world to use. This week’s guest, Costa Tsaousis of Netdata, tells the Technado crew about the nightmare that led him to create the product and why he chose to go open source. Then, in the news, the team discussed a US plan to invest $1B in AI and quantum computing, a breakdown of the CenturyLink/Level(3) outage, why a Microsoft Teams Retention Policy is so important, a Russian “tourist” offering up loads of cash for a Tesla employee to inject malware, and a disgruntled AWS engineer burning his bridges (and 456 Cisco WebEx VMs) on his way out the door.