Matt Vest vs His Friends

Listen as Matt Vest talks about all of life's issues with his friends. We won't always agree but in the end, we will always be friends. Check out the Facebook page, for all the updates. Follow us on Instagram, @mattvfriends.

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Ep.208-Dissecting a Friendship.(w/ Kristin Wells Crosland)

Updated 5 months ago.

This is the last episode of Matt Vest vs His Friends. On this weeks episode I am joined by my life long friend, Kristin Wells Crosland. Kristin and I first discuss our five favorite Disney movies. We spend the rest of our time breaking down our friendship and exploring why it has lasted the last 25+ years. I close out the episode by explaining why I'm ending the podcast, telling you what my biggest take away from doing the podcast is and I leave you with a song. Be sure check out every minute of this final episode.