Matt Vest vs His Friends

Listen as Matt Vest talks about all of life's issues with his friends. We won't always agree but in the end, we will always be friends. Check out the Facebook page, for all the updates. Follow us on Instagram, @mattvfriends.

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Ep.204-Will The Gentlemen Kindly Exit? (w/ David Parris)

Updated about 7 days ago.

This week I am joined by my friend, David Parris. First we chat about Disney+ and David gives us his ideas for what to call fans of Matt Vest vs Friends. David also tells us about the two songs he wants to add to the podcast Spotify playlist. We answer the question, what does it mean to be offended? Next, we discuss Lana Del Ray's response to a critic of her new album and about the Bible verse Ted Cruz used to defend the right to own a gun.

News Links....

1. Lana Del Rey hated NPR’s album review. But critic Ann Powers stands her ground

2. Ted Cruz takes Alyssa Milano to Bible study — with an NRA edition of the Bible




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