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Think and Plan Like a Solopreneur

Updated 3 months ago.
Today I want to talk a little bit about thinking and planning like a Solopreneur

The next 90-days will be critical to a lot of businesses out there.

The visual that comes to mind is musical chairs. Each round of play involves the removal of another chair and another participant.

That’s the challenge of running a higher-overhead, brick and mortar type of business.

Some businesses downsize and move the smaller locations.

If you already run an online business, you can basically do the same by cancelling services you really don’t need or aren’t using.

It’s not like you can’t buy them again at some point in the future.

All that aside, this may be the perfect time to consider adding a little creativity to what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Even a smaller change can end up having a big impact in the not too distant future.

That and more in this week’s episode.