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Choochagatari 39: Princess Principal

Updated a long time ago.

This time around Choochagatari takes a look at Princess Principal, one of the flagship Anime Strike exclusives of 2017. After we got tired of examining the true nature of each character, John bemoans how many of his seasonal anime have been announcing delays. Elvie is loving My Next Life as a Villainess, and Rose is trying her best to come up with as many transitions as possible.

The opening to this episode is The Other Side of the Wall by Void_Chords and Maru, While the ending is A Page of My Story by Ayaka Imamura, Akira Sekine, Yō Taichi, Akari Kageyama, and Nozomi Furuki.

Thanks again to https://twitter.com/ErikaMiaou for the edit!

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