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Riot Radio Show #100 pt2

Updated a long time ago.

Riot Radio Show #100 pt2

Bad Energy- numbed
Laughing Stock- stoked on stress
Hard Charger- blitzkrieg inferno
Grand Collapse- forecast
Perfect Pussy- iv
La Urss- ellos compraron tu vida
Tight Bros- trapped in my head
Zlo- aktuaalne kaamera
Thee Mighty Fevers- emotion fire
Doom Town- worthless ones
Paranoias- the stuff
Shameless- friday night losers
Dead On The Street- early grave
Oldfashioned Ideas- c.q.d.
Warters schlEchte- menschenkind
Huiabella fantastica- dead anyway
The Pre-Nods- gonna explode
Systematik- vagrant
Davidians- bummer tent
Leather- new skin
Suicidas- Hoy No
No///se- buried alive
Urban Savage- when the day comes
Dark Thoughts- ain’t no love
Malokio- selvaggio
Blank Spell- proof
Stray Sheep- nothing for me
Orden Mundial- camino inevitable
N.E.G.- wasted
Round Eye- city livin
M.N.S.- ancorati
Rogue Trooper- loose grip
No Time- anti-social today
Make Your Mark- relief
Exotica- depresion
Enamel- gimme power
Ultra- condendos
Infant Mortality- society
The Averse- no future
Cult Values- jump ship
Meter Feeder- legends of roll
No Thrills- porky was a punk basher
Dirty + His Fists- annihilation
The Charley Few- all we have