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This is a podcast where 2 or more Blokes (all guests are Blokes, regardless of gender!) sit and talk about films both old and new. We can be found on: - Our website ( - Twitter (@Blokebusters) - Facebook (The BlokeBusters Podcast) - Email ( Now please do sit back, relax, Share & Enjoy!

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Franch-Fried 8: Mission Impossible 5

Updated a long time ago.

Howdy folks! We're back and we're ready to talk about the latest in the Mission Impossible franchise. And, because we're cool that way, we've found a guest who wanted to help us do it who goes by the mysterious name of The Vern! We laugh, we have some witty banter and only slightly make fun of a certain thing. You know, about Tom Cruise.... Yeah... Anyway, we hope you like it!

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