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Filmily Fortunes Episode 1: Paul's New Hosting Gig

Updated 11 months ago.

Hi folks, it's Paul here. A little while ago, a Twitter thread got going from another podcast's conversation which lead to what has become a new passion project for everyone involved. It's a Film Quiz podcast where other film review podcasts go head to head to discover who is the best at knowing film stuff. This first season has 8 teams and this first episode has the brilliant OGT Podcast and Cinema Recall battling it out to find out who knows more about film.

I really think you'll love it and I'd urge you to subscribe to it as soon as you can! (Quick note, at the time of release, iTunes has not finished the review process, so if you can't find it when you first search, try again later)!

For those wanting to follow/talk to/suggest questions for the show, you can find it via:

Twitter: @FilmilyFortunes

Facebook: .com/FilmilyFortunes