Tough Skin & Tender Heart

Have you ever wondered... why God lets his people suffer injury? Lose their job? Have a car accident? Forget an important appointment? Fights spouse/kids? Let someone born with a defect? How can a God who loves allow one of his own experience pain and suffering? It just doesn’t seem to add up. When bad things happen, we want answers.The truth is...we may not know all the reasons why God lets bad things happen. As we entered this series, introduced to Joseph, we have seeing some extreme developments. Genesis 39:13-20 Joseph was thrown into prison as an innocent man. Surrounded in vile conditions with rowdy & disruptive men. If this what evolves for living, believing & trusting God? If so...I’m done. Guess whose at the door ready to welcome when we are done? Bitterness. Bitterness is anger and disappointment of being treated unfairly. Bitterness is an acid that destroys its container. It affects physically, emotionally, and spiritually. How does Joseph respond to be thrown into prison for being innocent? Genesis 40:1-7  Joseph first recorded words from prison ...why do you look so sad today? Joseph had every right to be bitter. Complain & criticize. Yet reached out with God’s love. This is a window to his heart. He was wronged, sitting in prison, yet reached out with a tender heart. The secret to life... live with a tough skin and tender heart.

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Tough Skin & Tender Heart

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The secret to life live with a tough skin and tender heart.