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Riot Radio Show #134

Updated 2 months ago.

Riot Radio Show #134

Flash- ansiedad
Indre Krig- blister
Stress Positions- failed state
Liquids- violent
Algara- expulsados
Responsa- no emotion
Ättestor- blackout
Trash Knife- dtf
Los Blobs- muchedumbre
Hysteric Polemix- fortaleza de são miguel
Chained Bliss- ominous life
Electric Chair- social capital
Peoples Temple- human livestock
Coke Asian- cake hole
Echelon- looking beyond
Western Civilization- no tears for dead cops
A.B. Kräk- droppsmitta i ditt ansikte
G.R.O.S.S.- rift
The Slime- real garbage
Zero Again- passing ritual
Slant- how did feel?
Contusion- haine et souffrance
The Owen Guns- pulling on the boots
Woodstock ’99- pickled bullfrog titties
Soft Torture- headcleaner
Chatterer- pleaser
Xero- nunca mas
Brain Squeeze- brain squeeze
The Chisel- sit and say nothing
Rude Television- distractions
Brody and The Grodies- the punks don’t give a fucking shit
Predator- ultraviolet
Nag- freeze
Poison Ruïn- morning start
Puffer- wicked boys