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Ghostwriting with John Peragine

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John Peragine is a published author of 13 books, has ghostwritten over 100 others and does freelance work for the New York Times, Reuters, and Bloomberg News. John ghostwrites for some of the top names in business, real estate, fitness and health. He has published articles in Writer's Digest, Wine Enthusiast, WineMaker Magazine, and Speaker Magazine to just name a few. John has been writing professionally since 2007, after working 13 years in Social Work and as a professional musician in the Western Piedmont Symphony. He has been providing services to the National Speakers Association since 2013. His expertise are personal memoirs, real estate, small business, Corporate Business, spirituality, health and fitness. You can find him at https://johnpwriter.com/. To find out more about Laura and her work please visit her website at www.laurapowers.net. You can also find Laura on twitter @thatlaurapowers, on Facebook @thatlaurapowers, and on instagram at laurapowers44.