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VGCC Episode 255: American Pickles

Updated 6 months ago.

Posi vibes only this week on Chooch, as a deathly ill Scott's on the comedown to talk about how neither has played DMCV, the Hottest Free Battle Royale (it's Tetris), how to not be political, leaving the Metro, Valve's latest bit of bullshit, EA not doing an E3 presser, John's continued growth in YGO, Austin Powers' favourite Pokemon, and #SauceTalk.As always you can support us on our patreon, and follow us on twitter @VGChooChoo , @SocksMahoney and @John_Michonski.Also, don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes, and tell a friend about the show! If you want to send in questions send them to, or into our ask box at can also join our discord channel at !Our theme song is “Crush” by Melt Channel, from the album Magic is Real.